About Us


Barcelos first opened its doors in 1993 with a passion for traditional Portuguese flame grilling mixed with our own secret blend of spices and flavours. We’ve been bringing families and friends together ever since.

Yet the legend of Barcelos has much deeper roots and a story that deserves to be told:

As the tale goes, a long time ago a pilgrim was passing through the small town of Barcelos in Portugal. Wrongly accused of a crime and sentenced to die, he was brought before the judge who was about to have his dinner when the pilgrim confidently said, “If the rooster on your plate gets up to crow, then I will have proved my innocence of the crime I did not commit”. As he spoke the colourful Barcelos Cockerel miraculously rose and started to crow. The pilgrim was freed and from that day on the Barcelos legend was born.

Today, we honour the legend with our honesty and authentically flame-grilled chicken – served to you the same way it has been for generations.